Studiocomix Kids it's focus in producing and designing kids activity books and children custom colouring books for entertainment, education and promotion.

We specialize
in the design, production and publishing of kids custom colouring books, custom activity books, kids magazines, kids comic books, newspapers, newsletters and every service in within. our goal is , teach, educate and promote good values in a fun way keeping them entertain in a restaurant.

We particularly focus on kids Custom colouring books and kids books in general for food service industry!

By customizing your colouring books and activity books will target the prime influences of where to eat the kids! and this is an effective way to communicate your message.

activity books for Restaurants are created with the goal of keeping kids eated and occupied, with very simple images and games for younger ones and challenging games and puzzles for older children.

Each kid's colouring book or activity book is custom built. It can include your kids menu, promote your website, Kid's Club, contests, bounceback coupons, etc. Books come in every shape, size and paper quality, from mini-magazines to comic books - a very versatile medium.

For information about our economical,
customized placement and booklet programs for independent and small chain restaurants, please fill the following form, Studiocomix team is looking froward to create, innovate and develop your kid's coloring book or activity book.